IB Summer / Winter Crash Course




20 Hours


About the Course

A Summer/Winter Crash course program is for kids currently pursing their IB program in other parts of the country and abroad. The customized crash course touches upon all the weak areas of the student and prepares a road map of the syllabus to support the kid even after the completion of the Program. The most innovative part of the Program is the distance learning part which is inclusive in our program and we support the kid through our LMS and Webinars to educate them even when they are at their regular program at school and continue to provided them the specially designed formative and the summative to help them prepare for their school summative and maintain a good predictive score. The program also gives monitors the progress of the students at a regular interval through our online summative to also gives regular feedback on the work assigned to the students.

Keeping in mind of our International students we offer year long online program delivered through industry standard platforms and are managed through our LMS to teach, assess and monitor the progress of our kids Our online tools are efficient and are optimised in such a way that it doesn’t let the kid feel that they might be sitting thousands of kms away from their mentor. Finally, the online assessment, and our interactive learning tools and activities keep the kids constructively engaged during the session and gives a unique learning experience. The online proctored test ensures that we receive appropriate feedback of our kid’s progress and can make the real-time changes in our program delivery to give adaptive learning experience.

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Experience IB Tutors